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At first glance, the Vril Society should not come within the scope of our subject which is more than politics, but it is one of the most interesting secret societies that ever existed. That's why we absolutely need to mention it. There is no one book on the German Vril Society and any other documents which auiait could refer to this name was actually removed by the Allies. But, as you will see, not everything has gone. And I feel a special pleasure to unveil this topic here. In fact, you'll see what the influential circles "non-German" who want to hide the truth from the Germans.


Karl Haushofer founded before 1919, a second order, the "Brothers of Light," which took later the name of "Vril Society". In the latter found themselves as "masters of the Black Stone" (DHvSS), a new foundation of the Templars, after the order Germain in 1917, and "Black Knight" of the "BLACK SUN" elite of the Company Thule and SS.


If we compare the Vril Society with the Thule society, the difference can be summed up as the Thule Society was responsible for political and material things while the Vril Society had occupations which mainly concerned the BEYOND. But they still had some similarities. Both were studying Atlantis, Thule, the "Blessed are they of" Gilgamesh, the original reports from the Germans and the Mesopotamians and the ancient sanctuaries as Stronegg with its standing stones.


In December 1919, a forest house was rented in Ramsau, near Berchtesgaden, or met a few people of Thule Society, Vril and DHvSS. Among them, medium Orsitsch Maria and Sigrun. Maria had picked up information in a secret Templar script - a language quite unknown to her with technical details to build a flying machine. These telepathic messages were transmitted from the writings of the Vril Society, the solar system of Aldebaran in the constellation Taurus.


I would like at this point in my story, to present a summary of the messages that were received during the year by the Society Vril telepaths and have been the basis of the actions taken by the latter.


The solar system Aldebaran is 68 light years to Earth and two inhabited planets that would form the kingdom of "Sumeran" revolve around its sun. The inhabitants of this solar system, would be subdivided into a nation of masters-God white men (Aryans) and several other human races. They would have developed as a result of climate change on the isolated planets are the result of degeneration of these "man-God." These mutants would have a spiritual growth below "man-God." More races are mixed, the more their spiritual development was deteriorating. Therefore, when the sun Aldebaran began to grow, they could no longer make interplanetary travel as their ancestors, they had become impossible to leave their planets. Thus the lower races, totally dependent on the master race, were evacuated in spaceships and taken on other planets habiables. Despite these differences, the implementation respectétait between these two races, they did not encroach on the habitat of the other. Each race was consistent with the development of the other (contrary to what is happening in the land).


The master race, the "God-men white," had begun to colonize other planets similar to Earth there are some 500 million years, following the expansion of the Aldebaran sun and heat that growing The result was and that made the planets uninhabitable. They are said to have settled in our solar system first Mallona the planet (also called Maldek, Marduk or the Russians Phaeton) which existed at the time, between Mars and Jupiter, where the asteroids are today. It was, after the turn of March which cities Martian pyramids and face well known, photographed in 1976 by the Viking spacecraft, show the high level of development of its people. Hence the assumption that men of God-Sumeran Aldebaran came to that time for the first time on Earth. Old fossilized traces of a shoe up to about 500 million years have shown, and a fossilized trilobite walked with the heel of the shoe. This primitive crab was living on Earth and became extinct 400 million years ago.


Members of the Vril Society believed that Aldebaranians landed, later, when Earth became slowly habitable, Mesopotamia, and they formed the dominant caste of the Sumerians. Aldebaranians they called these "white men and God." In addition, the Vril téléphates received the following information: the language of the Sumerians was not only identical to the Aldebaranians, but she also sounds similar to German and frequency of these languages was almost identical.


This correspond to reality? Simply put, the construction plans and technical information received by telepaths - wherever they come from - were so accurate that the idea was born the most amazing ever conceived by man: the construction of the "machine to the 'Beyond "!


The concept of an "other science" matured in the minds (we employ in our day, the term "alternative forms of energy"). It took three years for the project to be implemented. In this first phase of an "other technical" or "other science" Dr. W. O. Schumann, memnre of Thule and Vril Societies, made a presentation at the Faculty of Munich. Here is an excerpt:


"In all areas, there are two principles that determine the events: light and shade, good el evil, creation and destruction, as the most el the least electricity. It is always: one way one way or another!


These last two principles - concretely refer to them as the principles creative and destructive - also determine our technical means. (...)


The destructive principle which is the work of the devil, the creative principle of God's work. (...) A technique based on the principle of explosion or combustion technique can be cataloged satanic. The new era happens will be the era of a new technique, positive and divine! (...) (From the secret archives of the SS).






At the same time, scientist Viktor Schauberger worked on a similar project. He endorsed the teaching of Johannes Kepler, who was in possession of the secret doctrine of the Pythagoreans, recovery and kept secret by the Knights Templar. This concerned the know about the "implosion" (in this case, this means using the potential of the inner worlds in the outer world). Hitler and other members of the Thule and Vril Societies knew that the divine principle is always creative, ie d. constructive. A technology that, for cons, based on the explosion is, therefore, destructive, opposed to the divine principle. We would then create a technology based on IMPLOSION. The doctrine of the oscillation of Schauberger (the principle of the harmonic series = monochord) from knowledge of the implosion. Say simply: Implosion instead of EXPLOSION! Using the trajectories of the energy of the monochord and the implosion technique, one enters the field of anti-matter and dissolved, and the gravity.




The first saucer-shaped vessel was built in summer 1922, its propulsion was based on implosion technology (the machine to the afterlife). It included a record of 8m diameter, stilted side of a disk of 6.5 m in diameter and flanked below another disc of 6m in diameter. These three disks had a hole in the center of 1.80m in diameter where you got the Booster 2.40m high. Downstairs, the central body ended in fome cone. In this cone was a kind of pendulum effect was to stabilize the camera. The lower and upper discs rotating in opposite directions to create a rotating electromagnetic field.


There are no known performance of this first flying disk. He was tried for two years before being dismantled and stored in the workshops of Messerschmitt in Augsburg. There are aid funding for this project in the accounts of several industrial companies, listed under the code "JFM". It is certain that the mechanism Vril comes from the "machine to the beyond ~ t" but was listed as "Schumann SM levitator."


In principle, the machine to the afterlife should generate a very strong field around it and in its immediate vicinity which made the whole surrounding area, including the occupants of the machine a microcosm absolutely beyond our cosmos. At full power, this field would be completely independent of all the forces and influences of our universe such as gravity, electromagnetism, radiation or any material. It could move at will in all gravitational fields without one or detects that it feels acceleration forces.


In June I934, Victor Schauberger was invited by Hitler and the greatest representatives of the Vril and Thule societies and worked, now in collaboration with them.


The first German UFO was born in June 1934. Under the direction of Dr. W. 0. Schumann was born on the first plane circular experimental field of the aircraft factory Arado in Brandenburg: it was the RFZ-1. On his first flight was also the last, it rose vertically to a height of about 60m, but then began to spin and dance in the air for several minutes. The tail Arado 196 which was to guide the unit proved completely ineffective. It is with great difficulty the pilot managed to Lothar Waiz floor-to escape and running away as the aircraft began to spin like a top before it overturned and to be completely to pieces. It was the end of the RFZ-1, but the early flying machines APRIL.


The RFZ-2 was completed by the end of 1934, he had a Vril drive and a "magnetic impulse steering." Its diameter was 5m and its characteristics were: the contours of the instrument faded when he picked up speed, and it lit up in different colors, which is characteristic of UFOs. According to the propulsive force, it became red, orange, yellow, green, white, blue or purple.




He could then run in 1941 and gave him a remarkable fate. It was used as reconnaissance aircraft over long distances during the "Battle of Britain", as it turned out that the German fighter Me109 standards were unfit to transatlantic reconnaissance flights because of their small range.


Was photographed in late 1941 over the South Atlantic on his way to the auxiliary cruiser Atlantis in the waters of Antarctica, it could not be used as a fighter for the following reason: because of his driving pulse, the RFZ-2 could not make changes in direction of 90 °, 45 ° or 22.5 °. "It's amazing" will think some of you but it is precisely these changes in flight right angles that are characteristic of UFOs.


After the success of the RFZ-2 reconnaissance aircraft such as long distance, Vril society has a testing ground in Brandenburg. The "hunter APRIL I," flying disc equipped with small arms, flying at the end of 1942. It was 11.5m in diameter, had a seat and a "levitation propulsion Schumann" and a "control pulse magnetic field." It reached speeds of 2900 to 12.000km / h, could accomplish at full speed changes of flight at a right angle without prejudice to the pilot, it was not subject to weather and was perfectly able to fly in space. Was built 17 copies of the Vril I, there were also several variants with two seats, equipped with a glass dome.


At the same time, a project V-7 was born. Several flying discs bore the name but they had a conventional propulsion reactors. It is through ANDREAS EPP the RFZ-7 as created, it combined a flying disc with this levitation jet propulsion. Team Schriever-Habermohl and of MIETHE-RELLUZO participated in its elaboration. He had 42m diamètremais smashed during a landing in Spitzbergen. Around Prague, was taken, however, later, a photo of a RFZ-7 built the same way. According to Andreas Epp, he should be equipped with nuclear warheads and had to bombard New York.


In July 1941, Schriever and HABERMHOL, built a circular plane taking off vertically, powered by a jet propulsion, but which was, however, serious shortcomings. It dédeloppa yet another "top electro-gravitational flying" with a propulsion tachyons which had more success. Then came the turn of the RFZ-7T, built by Schriever, and Habermhol Belluzo, which worked like a charm too. But compared to the Vril and Haunebu discs, flying discs were rather V7 children's toys.


Within the SS was a group who worked in the production of alternative energy: the Designer IV of the Black Sun = SS-E-IV, whose primary purpose was to make Germany independent of foreign crude oil . The SS-E-IV developed the "THULE mécadsme" called later TACHYON THULE, from the mechanism and the Vril tachyon converter of Captain Hans Coler.


In August 1939 took off on the first RFZ-5. It was equipped with a top flying moderately heavy weapons of the strange name of "Haunebu I". She had a crew of eight men, had a diameter of 25m, its speed at the start of étit 4.800km / h to reach later to 17.000 / h. It was equipped with two "strong ray guns" (KSK) 60mm, mounted on rotating turrets, and four MK106 and had an average ability to fly in space.


In late 1942, the "Haunebu III" was also ready. Its diameter ranged from 26 to 32m, its height was between 9 and 11m. It could carry a crew of 9-20 people, a tachyon Powered by Thule, he reached the outskirts land 6,000 km / h. He was able to move in space and had a range of 55 hours.


There were already plans for when the big spaceship VRIL7 120m in diameter that had to carry entire companies. Soon after, they built the "Haunebu III" absolutely exemplary prestigious among all with 71m in diameter. He flew and was even filmed: it could carry 32 people, its flight was over eight weeks and reached a speed of at least 7.000km / h (and post secret archive documents of the SS, he could reach 40.000km / h).


Virgil Armstrong, former member of the CIA and retired Green Beret, declares that the German flying machines during World War II could land and take off vertically and fly at right angles. They reached 3.000km / h and were armed with laser cannons (probably the KSK, "canon-ray strong") that could pass through a 10 cm thick shielding.


The proresseur J. J. Hurtak, UFO researcher and author of "Die Schlüssel of Enoch" ("The Keys of Enoch"), said that the Germans were in the process of building what the Allies designated as "miracle weapon system". Hurtak had his hands documents mentioning:




1. the construction of Peenemünde, City of experimental guided missiles to the esapce


2. the arrival of the best technicians and scientists from Germany






These documents also mention the existence of the so-called "foo fighters" (balls of fire). The CIA and British intelligence were already aware, a 1942, construction and employment of such flying objects but they do not appreciated at their fair value. The combining design, in fact, as the foo fighters all kinds of light flying machines from Germany. Two inventions correspond particularly the so-called foo fighters: the Flying Turtle and soap bubbles. The two had nothing to do with each other but the Allies mistakenly associated them. The "FLYING TURTLE" was developed by the consulting firm SS-E-IV in Wiener Neustadt. Shape reminiscent of a turtle shell. It was an unmanned flying probe that was to disrupt the electrical ignition system of military enemy. This probe was also equipped with sophisticated weapons, Klystron tubes called death rays by the SS. But sabotage by cutting contact did not work perfectly at first. We went later to develop this technique. Anyone who has seen UFOs can confirm that this "break contact", ie d. the cessation of electrical installations, is a typical characteristics of UFOs as they arise. Wendell C. Stevens, pilot of the Air Force during World War II, said that the foo fighters were sometimes gray-green or red orange, they approached up to 5m planes and they remained in that position. It was not possible to get rid of them, even when they were shot, and they forced some squadrons to turn back or land.


As for the bubbles often referred to as foo-fighters, were, in fact, just within which balls were thin metal spirals to jam radars of enemy aircraft. Their effectiveness was probably minimal, except for the effect of psychological intimidation.


In early 1943, we even launched the project of a cigar-shaped spacecraft to be built in the yards of Zeppelin was the "ANDROMEDA DEVICE" (139m long). He had to carry several spacecraft in the shape of saucers for flights (interstellar) long.


An important meeting of the Vril Society was held around Christmas 1943 in Kolberg, a seaside resort in the North Sea, attended by the media and Maria Sigrum. pincipal topic concerned the "COMPANY ALDEBARAN". The mediums had received precise information about the planets inhabited, located around the sun Aldebaran, and a trip was scheduled to attend. January 2, 1944, Hitler, Himmler, Kunkel and Schumann (both of the Vril Society) met to talk about 'DRAFT APRIL ". They wanted to head with a large spacecraft, the Vril 7, to Aldebaran dimenionnel by a canal. According Ratthofer, the first test flight in one dimensional channel took place in winter 1944. The device would have narrowly avoided a disaster from the photos of the Vril 7 taken after his return, it seemed "he had traveled for a century." The exterior of the cabins looked very used and it was damaged in many places.


On 14 February 1944, the test pilot Joachim Roehike testa in Peenemünde the supersonic hélicopière built by Schriever and Habelmohl under the name of the project V-7, which was equipped with twelve BMW 028 turboprop. Its rate of vertical climb was 800m per minute, it reached a height of 24.200m and speed in level flight was 2.200km / h. It could also be powered by a non-conventional energy. He could not, however, never intervene because Peenemünde was bombed in 1944 and his transfer to Prague proved unnecessary since the city was occupied by the Americans and Russians before they can use flying discs.


When Germany occupied early 1945, the British and Americans discovered, among others, in the secret archives of photographs of the SS Haunebu II and Vril I and the Andromeda device. In March 1946, President Truman made sure that the committee of the navy of the United States should give the permission to collect German material so they can experience this high technology. German scientists working in secret in the United States were taken as part of "Operation Paperclip". It was there, among others, Viktor Schauberger and Wernher von Braun.


Briefly summarize here the buildings that were to be mass-produced:


The first project was conducted under the supervision of Prof.. Dr. W. 0. Schumann of the Faculty of Munich, is in this context would have been built until the beginning of 1945, 17 flying disc space of 11.5m in diameter that would have made 84 test flights, were those called the "HUNTER APRIL 1". A PRIL and APRIL-7-7 large model name "ODIN" would, at least, off of Brandenburg to Aldebaran, in April 1945, after blowing all the testing ground and taking some of the scientific of Vril and Vril lodge members.


The second project was conducted by the research department of the SS IV who built until early 1945, three types of spatial tops of different sizes bell-shaped:


the Haunebu I, 25m in diameter, in duplicate, tested 50 times (flight speed of about 4.800km / h).


the Haunebu I, 11332m diameter, in seven copies, tested 100 times (flight speed of about 6,000 km / h).


He was, in fact, plans to build Haunebu II series. An offer was launched from aircraft companies Dornier and Junkers. End of March 1945, Dornier landed the contract. The official name of these heavy rotors flying would be DO-STRA (Dornier stratospheric aircraft).


The Haunebu III, 71m diameter, built in a single, stole at least 19 times (flight speed of about 7.000km / h).


The "DSC ANDROMEDA" spacecraft of 139m could receive a Haunebu II, I and two two APRIL APRIL II, remained in draft form.


There is, moreover, documents certifying that the APRIL-7, large version, was completed in late 1944 and after testing, it took a few flights that did not exceed the Earth's orbit, which were kept secret:




1. Landing near the lake "Mondsee" in the Salzkammergut with diving tests to check the pressure resistance of the fuselage.


2. The Vril-7 probably parked in the "Alpine Fortress" March-April 1945 for safety reasons and strategic reasons. From there, he flew to Spain, where important people had fled the Reich to take them to South America and to the "Neuschwabenland" (explanation below) and put them safely in the secret bases the Germans avaint built there during the war.


3. Soon after, the Vril-7 would have taken off secretly to Japan, but we do not know more.


What happened to the spacecraft after the war?


We can not exclude a very small production series Haunebu II. The various pictures of UFOs which, after 1945, showing typical German construction we suggest.


Some say that some of the gear had been cast into the lake "Mondsee" in Upper Austria, others think they were taken to South America or that they were transported in pieces. It is certain that even if they do not necessarily have reached South America, made there, with construction plans, new appliances. It made them fly, and an important part of this technology was used in 1983 in connection with the "Phoenix experiment" project preceded by the "Philadelphia experiment" of 1943. (These are experiments in teleportation, materialization and time travel, USN, who were more successful than one would have imagined in dreams the boldest. There would be an area for another book but we digressed. See the bibliography).


Took place in 1938 a German expedition in Antarctic


(See our new site:


conducted by the aircraft carrier Schwabenland. Arrogated to themselves the Germans 600.000km squares of land they called "Neuschwabenland". It was an ice-free area with mountains and lakes. Whole fleets of submarines of the type 21 and 23 took, later, the road to Neuschwabenland. To date, more than one hundred German submarines it disappeared. They were fitted including the Walter snorkel that allowed them to remain several weeks under water. Presumably they fled to the Neuschwabenland with flying saucers in pieces or have at least won the construction plans. Presumably, too, since the test flights were successful, at the end of the war flying saucers went there directly.


This assumption may seem bold to more than one but many important clues can, however, to imagine that this happened as well.


One can then ask: "Why the Allies invaded they ANTARCTIOUE under the command of Admiral E. Byrd in 1947?". If it were only for shipping, why Byrd was there at his disposal 4,000 soldiers, a warship, a fully equipped aircraft carrier and a system full of supplies? He had eight months and he was, however, have already after eight weeks of any interrupt after suffering huge losses of aircraft.


The exact number was never disclosed publicly: What happened there?


Admiral Byrd explained, later on, to the press: "It's hard to hear but in the case of another war can be expected to attack aircraft that can fly from one pole to the other. " It also suggests that there was there an advanced civilization who used, in agreement with the SS, superior technology.


In his book "Zeitmaschinen" (machines back in time) or he asks, among other things, what happened to the Haunebu, Norbert-Jürgen Ratthofer wrote:


"Since May 1945, tops the spatial Haunebu I, II and III flying discs and even space Vril-1 disappeared first, leaving no trace. (...) In this context, it is extremely interesting to know the Haunebau III of the German Reich after his 19th test flight would have flown to Mars in a space expedition April 20, 1945 by lifting the "Neuschwabenland" who was officially a vast territory of the German Reich in Antarctica is .






What is résalisé, we do not know. (...) A year later, in 1946, countless luminous objects of unknown origin but undoubtedly made artificially were seen over Scandinavia and caused a great stir among the Allies in both East the West.


Again a year later, in 1947, and into the 50s, bright flying objects arose over North America in an ever-increasing number. They were driven, for sure, by intelligent beings, they were, mostly, round, disc-shaped or bell, it was also sometimes "Unidentified Flying Objects" cigar-shaped one called UFOs. "


There are authors who say that these "UFO" does not resemble, in general, to those produced by the German Reich. On this point, my opinion differs. Well documented photo material proves that particularly Haunebu II version has been seen, and very often, since 1945. If you are interested, like me, 10 years in the technical world of UFOs, you may have noticed that among the cases where there was personal contact with the occupants of UFOs, there is a particularly high percentage of beautiful people case "Aryan" blond with blue eyes and that they either spoke fluent German or another language fluently with a German accent (for insiders include the case of Adamski in 1952, the Cedric Allingham case of in 1954, and the Howard Menger, 1956).


It is also said THERE ARE color photos of a Frisbee that landed with Homn to leave immediately and on which were two dessées cross, a "Balkenkreuz" and a swastika. These photos were taken in the seventies by a night watchman in the GDR.


There, e about flying machines Mession above a very good record of photos and films such as, eg., Documentation 60mm "UFO-Geheimnisse of 3 Reich" (Secrets of the 3rd Reich UFOs) ( MGA Austria / Royal Atlantis-Film GmbH). Also include the issue of the American Vladimir Terziski that at the conference on UFOs in September 1991 in Phoenix, Arizona, projected slides for three hours and showed photos of German saucers, construction plans and databases souteraines German. The book of the commander of the Italian Air Force Renato Vesco is also very interesting as well as that of Rudolf Lusar "Die Deutschen Waffen und Geheimwaffen of Zweiten Weltkrieg und ihre Weiterentwicklung" (The German weapons and secret weapons of the German World War II and subsequent development), J. E Lehmanns Verlag, München, 1971.


Do you understand now why all that relates to the UFO passes for the hoax in the mass media, and this especially in Germany?







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