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A new website will be launch today: The World Audiologic Network

(August 25,2012)


I am announcing today the creation of the World  Audiologic Network.




This network will broadcast around the world, various literary works, including books scientific, historical, political, philosophical and ecological digitized format (ebooks) and audiobooks ... in English.




I begin by humbly various writings that reflect a little, the trend research and the struggle of Defenders of the Earth around the world.




We believe it is absolutely necessary to spread the truth and all knowledge that enable the organization of the March of the Peoples of humanity to Freedom!




We believe that we must tear down this wall of fraud, corruption and forgery as many already called the New World Order! The best way is not and will never to use weapons that arms manufacturers of  the NWO themselves have made, but our pen write with our own blood, if necessary, the new book relative to the Liberation of the  Humans on Earth!




We leave it as an inheritance Network Audiological to all those who want the challenge of changing the world, for it is not the world we dreamed of when we were young!


If you only have twenty or thirty years old when you read these lines, I'm sure you'll love fight with us for a New Era of sharing, understanding, compassion and above all love and friendship replaces this period of the history of humans on the Original Earth , as that of Great Degeneration of the Human Soul, that the beginning of the Sixth Great Mass Extinction!




All plant and animal species on Earth is threatened by a small group of unscrupulous capitalists, among other things, members of secret societies whose ultimate conspiracy will be organized genocide of more than forty percent (40%) of the world  population .The  political world teeming with corrupt politicians and opportunists with no humanity.




We want to change all  that, it would change a little human nature changes so that the current court of history!




Support us in our great quest of Truth and Knowledge, that also the diffusion of ideas in order to avoid global control of Unique Thinking and Creating a  Totalitarian  World,like it seems to evoluate , now!




Earth administered by "Real" Defenders of the Earth, abolish the power of money, debt, abolish unnecessary wars, hold a  control human population and launch an ambitious program of space colonization, because we believe in the future of the human adventure!



 Thank you for reading!




Protecting life!


The Earth is in Danger!... We proclaimed!

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