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The New World Order settles in Libya.Part 1(October 23 ,2011)

The mediatic control


Thursday, October 20, 2011, to 13 h 30 GMT, the LibyanNational Transition Council has announced the death ofMuammar el-Qaddafi. Although confusing, the first elementssuggest that a convoy of cars attempted to leave besieged andSirte has been blocked and partly destroyed by NATO bombing. Survivors would have taken shelter in pipes. Gaddafi, who was wounded, was captured by the brigade of the tribe ofTiger Misrata that would have lynched.


The body of the "Guide" of the Great Libyan Arab Socialist has not been preserved in his hometown of Sirte, or transported toTripoli, but sent as a trophy by Misrata in the namesake city.

Tribe Misrata, which has long been reluctant to choose sidesand is virtually absent from the CNT, will ultimately investedTripoli after the NATO bombing, and will Muammar el-Qaddafilynched after the bombing of his convoy by NATO. It has evenmoved his body in his town to celebrate his triumph. In July, the"Guide" will be cursed Misrata, urging them to go to Istanbuland Tel Aviv, referring to the fact that their tribe is derived fromTurkish Jews converted to Islam.


A flood of comments prepared in advance was instantlydischarged by the media to demonize Atlanticist Muammar el-Qaddafi, and so, to forget the barbaric conditions of his death... and supposedly shouted from the rooftops, by NATO through the Illuminati nerve of that power: the media!

When we speak of Gaddafi, we talk of a tyrant and a ruthlessdictator! We are talking about a huge man that disparate tribesof the Libyan desert called "The Supreme Leader!" Thisdictator like Stalin or Mussolini Hitler has significantlydeveloped the cult of personality to the death! was ... no, sorry, it's a "political animal", if not a monster, because he still lives!


A man who has robbed his people for forty-two long years that has survived many attempts of murders, coups, revolts, will notget caught as easily as what we described! Man enriched his life by oil money, knows the fraud and forgery, the best"professional artists" and is recommended in terms of strategy!

Also, inconsistency and fabrications put forward to explain and justify his murder, do not deceive me: it is staged, orchestrated by the evil power and global secret societies in our world today!


First : the videos


1 - Of the videos that were recorded in Sirte, the sun is shining, the dust is everywhere .. However, in reality, this existed just a day before Sirte was invaded.


2. In two different parts of the same video .. we can see that the "Colonel" has two different hair colors .. in part, he has light brown hair, the other has black hair.


3. In one video, "Qaddafi" a bumpy nose, broken seems a strange way, in other videos where this man is presumed dead,his nose is droit.Miracle?


4. In the videos (from Sirte), his face is very young, and we all know how it was wrinkled.


5. They said he was shot in the legs, and he bled to death .. but inthe famous scene of the video, the "colonel" is standing as theyare to push around. In addition, the lower body is covered in blood.


6. The upper part of the naked body of "Colonel" is young, with no signs of aging in the videos, but the real Colonel is a man of70 years. Do you know how the body of a 70 year old man looks like, especially a man who has spent his entire life in a desert.



7. Some of the videos were recorded and released a day before:October 19 (!)


8. According to one of their stories of propaganda, they the found"him" in a sewer. And yet "he" appears clean-shaven, (beard on the videos), etc..


9. There is another strange detail in the video in Sirte as a black woman, stands ready in civilian clothes and watch the show, looking very relaxed. A black woman in civilian clothes, Sirte ... on the side of rats (!?). This is impossible. Everyone knows that Al Qaeda NATO and rats are for men, women andblack children in Libya. They hang and lynch thedécapitent.Spécialement in Sirte, black women, if he wouldremain in Sirte (which I doubt) would never be the side of theracist rats. It is not only strange, but almost impossible!


10. Gaddafi on a video is covered in blood when they put on apick-up on another with the same "movement and gesture," his face is clean, as if he goes  to a wedding.


11. Fact: mass demonstrations against NATO and the CNT were prepared against a unified attack, an uprising has already begunon October 14.


12. Just days after that Hilary Clinton came and said she wanted to see Gaddafi dead, "he" was killed.


13.Il was not only him, Gaddafi, but also his son and severalofficials, they might remember that he "was killed the same dayin Sirte," although we know that Gaddafi and his son wereleading different squads on several fronts around Libya. (note:Libya is the size of 1 / 3 of Europe, and Sirte is just a small town that was for moissous seat)!


14-Aisha Kadhafi said yesterday that his father was alive!


15-There are twelve (12) liners ... Gaddafi known!



How have they killed Gaddafi liners?


Look at the pictures at the bottom!


Do you remember the capture and trial of Saddam Hussein?


Do you remember Osama bin Laden, his murder of the photo (?)Official and his body was thrown into the sea?


The proof of the falsification of the Moretti Gaddafi is here! C'es clear that older our hair changes! Do we keep the same face and the same lock of hair for years? No!

The origin of this photo has just published world Syrte.Un trick awkwardly done ... probably in a hurry!

Guy Fawkes:

In memory of the Gunpowder Plot (5 November 1605)



On November 5, 1605 is found in London the "Gunpowder Plot" .


Former Catholic officers in connection with the Spanish andperhaps the Jesuits were planning to blow up the Parliament at Westminster on the day of the opening session before the kingand his ministers. But one of the conspirators, Guy Fawkeswas arrested as he prepared to set fire to 36 barrels of gunpowder.

These conspirators blamed the King Anglican Jacques IerStuart his intolerance towards them as towards the Puritans.They are forced to flee or run soon discovered their conspiracy.

In memory of this event, English children have kept the habit ofbursting firecrackers every November 5.


The king,Jacques  the First


Son of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, and heir to Elizabeth first, Jacques became the first King of Scotland in 1567 at the age of one year, and King of England in 1603. It shows once wish to unite the two crowns.

At the time, the king who ruled England was Jacques Ier Stuart,Anglican, said to be totally intolerant vis-à-vis the different religions including the Catholic religion. Former Catholic officers attempted a rebellion, by planning to blow up theParliament at Westminster, before the king and ministers. The conspirators were discovered in time when they were expectedto turn 36 barrels of gunpowder. They fled or were executed.Jacques was the first son of Mary Stuart and the heir to the great Elizabeth 1st. As king, he was the head of the Anglicanand believed to be of divine right. Absolute monarch, he began to persecute the Catholic ... The latter fled mostly to America.Those who remained wanted to get rid of him, hating thisdespotic king who had confidence in one person: his favoriteGeorge Villiers. The latter took advantage outrageously and even became the Duke of Buckingham. Outrageous, this character was originally a conflict between England and Spain.

To negotiate the marriage of the Prince of Wales, later Charlesthe first, with a Spanish Infanta, Buckingham scandalized the court of Madrid by his behavior, thwarted the proposedmarriage and, more importantly, leads his country into a conflict with Spain.

The attempted rebellion failed, the first Jacques continue his reign until March 27, 1625, when he died. His son, Charles, butfirst take over, governing like his father, will be expelled fromLondon in 1642. This will be the beginning of a civil war which led to the death of the king by beheading. Cromwell establish a dictatorship ... All this will bring the first parliamentary monarchy. Do not be surprised if, at the weekend in London, you hear firecrackers snapping everywhere ... Since November 5, 1605, it is traditional that children do break out.


The plot


Strong supporter of absolutism by divine right, he hasestablished himself in the justification of the works publishedbefore his accession to the throne of England as The True Laweof Free Monarchies (1599).

In London, the first Jacques wants to strengthen its power by relying on the Church of England, which the king the head of the national church. He comes to persecute Catholics andPuritans. They begin to migrate en masse to the New World.

The Gunpowder Plot, Catholics, meanwhile, are trying in vain to get rid of the king.

In the last ten years of his reign, the first Jacques increases thehatred against him by giving confidence to a courtier, GeorgeVilliers the beautiful.

To negotiate the marriage of the Prince of Wales, later Charlesthe first, with a Spanish Infanta, Buckingham scandalized the court of Madrid with its

behavior, thwarted the proposed marriage and, more importantly, leads his country into a conflict with Spain.

It is in this poisonous atmosphere that King Jacques dies first,March 27, 1625. The English refer to his son, Charles the first, the hope of a recovery of the monarchy. They will go from disappointment to disappointment.

The plot could take place with the realization by English Protestant authorities and Catholic recusants by that Spain hadtoo much debt and was struggling on too many fronts in order to help the English Catholics. Any hope of recognition of Catholicism vanishes with the Hampton Court Conference in 1604, when Jacques I attacked the extremist Puritans and Catholics. The conspirators realized they would not get helpfrom outside if they did not act. Fawkes and his accompliceswere able to hire a cellar under the House of Lords, whichgreatly facilitated their task (they had initially planned to build a gallery in Parliament). This company would have been muchmore complicated, because that would require evacuation ofthe earth without being seen. In March 1605, they had stored1,800 pounds (670 kilograms) of powder in the cellar, to make it explode when Parliament would be met in full. The conspirators planned to remove the then Princess Elizabeth(later Elizabeth of Bohemia, the "Winter Queen"). A fewconspirators were worried by the presence of some Catholicsto Parliament: their co-religionists were in danger. One of theconspirators wrote a warning letter to William Parker, fourthBaron Monteagle, who received 26 October. The conspiratorslearned of the existence of the letter the next day, but they decided not to change their plans after Fawkes was satisfiedthat nothing had been touched in the cellar. Lord Monteaglewas suspicious, and he sent the letter to the secretary of statewho launched a search for caves located in the House of Lords.Fawkes was discovered and arrested in the basement on the morning of November 5 while preparing to set fire to thirty-six barrels of gunpowder.



By special permission of the King, he was tortured during the following days and revealed the names of his accomplices (who were either dead or known to the authorities). Some had fled to Warwickshire where they were captured or killed. On 31 January, Fawkes and his accomplices still alive were tried in Westminster Hall. Tried for high treason, he was sentenced tobe hanged, gutted and cut into pieces (Hanged, drawn andquartered). However, although weakened by the torture he had suffered on the rack in the Tower of London, Guy Fawkesbriefly escaped from the hands of his executioner, broke his neck and died January 31, 1606 before the hanging (short) hasended its suffering.










Guy Fawkes, the legendary character who gives his face and costumes inspired V for Vendetta!

November 5, 1605, the Gunpowder Plot: execution of the conspirators here a year later!

The conspirators are discovered and Guy Fawkes was caught in the basement of the Houses of Parliament with the explosives.

The film:the inspiration come from these events!

The mask of comedy, from the famous drawing by Guy Fawkes

The New World Order settled in Libya ... Part 2(December 18,2011)


We changed the goals of NATO. In a defensive alliance of the free world, it has become an offensive coalition for human rights. By the way the very notion of alliance that we have lost. So we can observe that while all allies agree on an identical objective, they want to take all their autonomy. This is the meaning of the quest for the Europeans a European defense identity.


(Henry Kissinger, August 15, 1999, press conference)






The perfidy of a corrupt system that is dying (... who benefits?)






I waited in the midst of thousands of emails received, information, and I just receive it, so I can make my text!


I love the truth, I worship and I dream of erecting a system of government, so when I see that I am influenced by the lies of our social and political environment in Quebec (and Canadian), or the lies and corruption act of law and legislation, I take back!




The great question to ask after the "barbaric and brutal murder" of the Socialist People's Libyan Guide is:


who benefits from this crime?




Probably not the Libyan people, as it has announced "the proclamation of the total liberation of the territory of Libya" (which release?) And at the same time, the proclamation of Sharia!




Monday, October 24, 2011, the president (?) Of the CNT, Moustapha Abdeljalil, announced that the "new Libya" would be governed by Islamic law that would override all the laws of the pays.Aussi "Double Proclamation" did it was made very simply like this:




"Citizens of Libya, raise your very right! You are now free!"


(Note that is only for men!)




... Then a few sentences later: ... "Libya is an Islamic state and Islamic law, sharia, will now take precedence over all other laws in the future!"


(Presumably they have all the lower the chin to the knees, the real Libyan).






The reasons for the invasion of Libya by NATO and the mercenaries of Al Qaida






There are many reasons for this invasion, here are a few:








1: Gaddafi did not bow to the banking cartel of Rothschild.


2: the future of communications in Africa: all countries linked by satellite, courtesy of Libya!


3: AMF: African Monetary Fund - No central bank, own currency - Investment Banking: To control the majority of investments in Africa


4: The United States of Africa - Gaddafi wants to unite the whole of Africa!


The countries participating in the bombing of Libya are all in financial bankruptcy (United States, France, England, Italy, Canada, etc.), they do not want it rises above them and become a strong power, which in addition, is self-sufficient in many areas!


5: Gaddafi campaigned for the return to a gold standard.


6: Libya is the largest oil producer in Africa and has the largest natural gas reserves.


7: A few weeks prior to Libya was invaded, Gaddafi had agreed to sell its oil only Russia, China and India.


8: AMF: African Monetary Fund - No more borrowing Rothschild Central Bank for African countries, the AMF aprévu to produce its own currency for Africa, supported by the Gold Standard.


Interest-free, unlike the International Monetary Fund ..


9: the gold reserves of Libya exceed more than $ 300 billion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10: Electricity and studies are free to Libya.


11: Gaddafi plans to release the entire African continent from the clutches of Western imperialism.


12: Blue Gold Libya, water-In Libya, the huge underground water basins are priceless.




* In Libya, there are four major underground basins, these being the Kufra Basin, the Sirte basin, the basin and the basin Morzuk Hamada, the first three of them contain combined reserves of 35,000 cubic kilometers of water. These vast reserves offer almost unlimited amounts of water to the Libyan people. * In the 1960s, when oil exploration deep into the desert south of Libya, vast reservoirs of water quality have been discovered in the form of aquifers. * So Gaddafi began construction of Phase I, at 25 billion dollars ("Draft Great Man Made River" in 1984).


It carries more than five million cubic meters of water per day through the desert to coastal areas, which greatly increases the amount of arable land. The cost of a cubic meter of water equivalent to 35 cents. Per cubic meter of desalinated water is $ 3.75. Scientists estimate the amount of water equivalent to the 200-year flow of water into the Nile.




Here is the Blue Gold 70 billion dollars in Libya, which has attracted the most attention and love bankers.


Now that Obama and NATO sent in "Al-Qaeda rebels" and other CIA agents to further destabilize the region by supporting the Libyan government, committing genocide against Africans with dark skin and by place a new central bank, this region can now be controlled and used for other take over and destabilize Africa to the ruling elite who tried to depopulate the continent for decades.






This man was very good things for his peuple.Canaux water, sharing of oil back to the gold standard, free schooling, free health care, bonuses / home on marriage, free farms , equipment and seeds, and lots of good food to eat non-GMO. Now people eat their cats and dogs to survive! Nothing to eat, pipelines destroyed, hospitals destroyed civilian houses destroyed, poverty pure and dismay. This is because Gaddafi wanted to kill his people? Of course not ...




It was staged by the CIA orchestrated in order to assassinate the Libyan people, through the use of thugs committed and well trained to kill ... and he throws the blame on Kadhafi.Obama and the EU with NATO has betrayed the peace support and they say their hands are shaking. America attacked innocent people in many countries, killed and massacred their people, stole their resources, and unmarked use of bombs and depleted uranium ammunition so that their babies are born deformed. The media are far to tackle the New World Order, the United States and NATO, because they are the ones who sign their checks paye.Maintenant if we continue to give up and sit idle, Libya will be squandered all its natural resources and the lives of citizens of this (once) great country will be threatened and lowered to the lowest levels of the Third World. Very few Americans will never realize


 what was done here, on behalf of Liberty falsely proclaimed in the Libyan desert now because the U.S. government will always keep in lies and ignorance of the facts!




Al Capone was a lot of imagination and Obama is trying to surpass it!




Psychopaths NATO have "done more than say" killed Gaddafi .... True or false, which will be their next victim? Who will be the next candidate to join the Axis of Evil?


When I think of those poor people, turned away from the Truth, in the streets of Tripoli rejoiced, thinking that they have reached a kind of freedom when in reality all they will get will be held slavery by globalist criminals and a puppet government subservient to them. Libya will be liquidated of its gold, its assets and its foreign investments. Infrastructure will be destroyed and resources plundered. Another step toward globalization and the totalitarian control of the African Union. Gaddafi was evidently considered too independent and free to the poor taste of globalists taste and that's why we hired the mercenaries of Al Qaeda to kill and destroy this beautiful country ...! Or, why not, is it simply a new staging of the media in an attempt to react Gaddafi to come out of hiding?




... Because one must question, the scene of his dying: we are in the age of Photoshop and many falsifications! It should certainly not underestimate the CIA experts ... especially when they associated with organized crime, large scale!






********** ********** ALSO




Gaddafi put $ 97 billion on the table to free Africa from imperialism!




Why they want ... death?




Source: Reuters


(Posted: 07/27/2011)






In 2010, Gaddafi offered to invest $ 97 billion to Africa for the release of Western influence, provided that the African states take steps to get rid of the widespread corruption and nepotism everywhere on the continent. Gaddafi has always dreamed of a developed Africa, united and worked on it because he wanted to make this dream a reality! But nothing is more terrifying for the West controlled by secret societies (the Illuminati, in particular) and, not to mention China (controlled by the Chinese Triads) a developed Africa, united under one flag.


It would be the image of the nightmare for Wall Street!




Here is a selection of initiatives that Libya had already put in place in Africa, as well as some of the projects it planned, explaining why the illegal war in the West against Libya is also a war against all of Africa.




AFRICAN UNION: Libya is one of the largest contributors to the budget of the African Union. A Libyan diplomat told Reuters that Libya is one of five countries - the others are Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa - which cover 75 percent of the budget of the Union. "Libya is a full contribution to UA funds. Not all countries and buys influence," a senior official of the African Union has said.




MALI: For several years, Mali has faced the activities of the radical Islamist militia Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb in its northern deserts. The money from Gaddafi and diplomacy helped to resolve conflict in northern Mali between the rebels and the government. In 2010, Libya has set up in Mali, two defense strategies in the fight against insecurity and terrorist infiltration in the north. These conflicts could break out again, for that Gaddafi has left the scene. Now Gaddafi has many supporters in Mali who regularly protests against the Western military intervention in Libya.




CONGO: Libya has $ 65 billion in sovereign wealth funds, including one that is specifically designed for investment in Africa. The Libyan Arab African Company had created an investment vehicle funds from Libya for African rulers (which has one of the largest hotels in the Congo, the Meridien). The hotel is under renovation and was funded by Libyan investments. In 2010, Libya had planned to finance the construction of a highway north of Congo Brazzaville, the capital, where also the construction of a mosque was planned.




LIBERIA: Libya has provided millions in investment projects, helping to strengthen the rule of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in one of the poorest countries of Africa. The Help Gaddafi included funding for a plant Rubber Processing built in Gbarnga, Bong County, a technical and vocational school for the disabled, as well as providing assistance to Liberia Libya facing the food crisis and the renovation of the Ducor Intercontinental Hotel.




NIGER: Also in Niger, Gaddafi has helped to support the government so that it becomes less brittle without financial assistance. Libyan Prime Minister Al-Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi visited Niger in August 2010 and announced the creation of a fund of $ 100 million investment for Niger within the framework of strengthening bilateral ties . By previous agreements, Libya is a strong contribution of 100 million euros for the construction of a Trans-Sahara in northern Niger, according to sources close to the Foreign Ministry of Niger. The local subsidiary of Libya Oil with Total, are the main actors in the affairs of Niger's retail carburant.Donc, as we see, the Libyan oil was associated e Total owned by major financial risks associated with Illuminati: Paul Desmarais and Albert Frère.Le GrandGuide of the Libyan people had already been trapped here by association!




CHAD: Qadhafi has been a leading proponent of the government, which would weaken if it lost the sales help. Chad has been plagued by civil wars and invasions, after independence from France in 1960. After years of unrest, Gaddafi seal a peace deal for Chad four Chadian rebel groups and the Chadian government in 2007, which was signed in Sirte.


In 2010, Libya has made a huge investment in the national telecommunications company in Chad, which meant a huge boost and a large increase in the number of mobile phone users Chadian 100,000 to two million.




CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Libya has helped to support the fragile government, sending paratroopers in the capital in 2001 to defeat a rebel attack. In 2008, Gaddafi has played a role in the formation of a peace agreement between government and rebel groups.




MAURITANIA: Gaddafi was the first foreign leader to visit this country after a coup in 2008 that brought President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz to power. Aziz, who subsequently won a presidential election, visited Gaddafi several times since lors.Même Mauritanian opposition politicians went to Tripoli to swear allegiance to the Libyan leader. Mauritania has debts to Libya of about $ 200 million. During the discussions on debt relief in May 2010, the Central Bank of Libya announced that Libya would provide $ 50 million in grants to build a hospital and a université.L university should be named: Kadhafi.Nous see if they fulfill their promise, in Mauritania!




SUDAN: The mission of maintaining 20,000 troops in Darfur, jointly supported by the African Union and the United Nations, could be hampered if the African Union (AU) lost funding and could destabilize the Gaddafi pays.Kadhafi, which blamed Israel as responsible for the crisis in Darfur, made a number of attempts at peace talks between Darfur rebels brokers and the Sudanese government.


In October 2010, Kadhafi warned before a vote on possible independence of South Sudan that a partition of the country could become a "contagious disease" that could spread to other African countries and destabilize the region.




ETHIOPIA: The African Union, based in the Ethiopian capital, will be in financial difficulties, losing the massive support that Gaddafi gave him. Under his rule, Libya provided 15% of membership dues to the AU, and he also paid the assessment of many smaller countries and the poorest in Africa. To search for a solution to the conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia, Gaddafi sent a special envoy for Ethiopia in 2000. In 2008, Libya purchased OiLibya Shell Ethiopia. The agreement also included to keep all employees of Shell, who hoped to work in a better environment for a long time




SOMALIA: The mission of the African Union in peacekeeping, including 8000 soldiers are crucial to the battle against Islamic radicals in Somalia's capital Mogadishu, could be seriously weakened if the AU losing the financial support of Gaddafi. In 2008, Libya has decided to grant an investment fund to Somalia by the Sahel-Saharan Investment Bank of Commerce, and to finance infrastructure such as roads and bridges in Somalia.




GAMBIA: Libyan companies are owners of two hotels and the "Dream Park" entertainment center in the Gambia. The Gambian Ministry of Agriculture has received support from Libya, including a gift of seven new tractors. In 2009, Gaddafi gave two camels to the Gambian President Yahya Jammeh as a gift. The presidents of Libya and Gambia have exchanged visits and Gambian officials attended the ceremonies in September to mark the anniversary of the arrival of Gaddafi to power. On September 7, 2009, Gambia celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Al Fateh Revolution, showing up well in big letters this sentence: "In Libya everyone has the freedom!"






-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------




Inset in conclusion ...




The makeup of his death ... why?




The daughter of Kadafy complaint for war crimes court has pénale.L Article 8 of the Rome Convention punishes the killing of heads of state. One who is the head of the CNT was in the government of Kadafy, spot the mistake! He contributed to the arrest of the Bulgarian nurses, working with the intelligence service. The record of the arrest of Kadafy, his family, his defense minister by the Nazis States of America, the coalition and the barbarians in power Tripoli is 4 dead! (Kadafy, his son, his defense minister and the son of one) not a shot by mistake but 4! Kadady is not gone for it reveals the underside of the case of the Bulgarian nurses, contracts with Airbus, military agreements, and many others. He knew many, many apparently and he was not afforded any opportunity.


The man described as a tyrant, was deeply in love with Condoleezza Rice and was rightly a dictator associated and controlled by the Illuminati!


It is a pure contract killing, and is also a settling of scores within this powerful secret society!




Poor Libyan people!




-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------


.... To follow, because there will be a part 3 which will address the role of Al Qaeda in the colonial war and in the formation of CNT current Islamist government in Libya!


Al Qaeda served as a mercenary militia financed by U.S. imperialism, oil and arms lobbies ... all controlled by the Illuminati, international high finance and organized crime!

Gaddafi, the Libyan people's flagship, cowardly assassinated by a global conspiracy!

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