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Full text: Address to the People of Quebec to His Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, requesting the cancellation of elections in Quebec (august 5,2012)

by Michel Duchaine




 The important link for sign this petition: (please use Google Translate for any problem):Petition

Her Majesty,


The present address of Citizens of Quebec, is a call to your  Great  Heart and your Great Judgment!


At a time when the planet may be notified in less than one second, an event located in each small town of the same planet, everyone could learn about the election in Quebec in the middle of the summer period unjustifiable for 7 million of your subjects, in Quebec.


The deep reason for this are that:




A) The current Premier of Quebec, wants to use this time to kill a Commission of Inquiry on Public Corruption and Collusion, a survey claimed long ago by the people of Quebec, your subjects!


B) contracts without bids, contracts without calls for public tenders, agreements signed under the table were made with the "corporate citizens", foreign multinationals including companies and the Chinese Communist Party in Brazilian companies a business travel of said Prime Minister Jean Charest.Ces contracts threaten the ecological stability of the St. Lawrence River, the territory of northern Quebec and physical health of all your subjects!


C) More than $ 40 billion Canadian dollars have disappeared from the Caisse de Depot et Placement du Québec, property of all citizens of Quebec.


D) That the current debt of Quebec totaled more than $ 250 billion Canadian dollars after 9 long years of Liberal government under Jean Charest and that we are only 7 million inhabitants.




We ask, we the signatories of this petition,


whether you go to the Privy Council in London, to ask the name of the people of your province of Quebec to pass a law canceling the current general election in Quebec for the reasons given above and others can be added by any other person living in Quebec and requesting its inclusion in the said petition addressed to you hereby.




We respect that in the distant customs related to the British Empire with one another between invoking royal security and equal citizens of the British Empire, and the Act of Abolition of Slavery March 25, 1847 (Act that applied to the laws of Upper Canada, including Quebec is a direct descendant) and your responsibilities as Sovereign since Quebec was excluded from the agreements of Repatriation of the Canadian Constitution.


We support this purpose, the Customary Law of the Empire who received the right to a lawyer in South Africa by the name of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, registered at the Court of London calling for respect for his legal status of British Empire!


Failing to hear this application, it is your duty to ensure the safety of the constitutional rights of citizens and citizens of Quebec, asking the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, Mr. Pierre Duchesne to accept observers from all Commonwealt to investigate the legitimacy and security of the rights of citizens of Quebec, at its expense and request the Governor-General of Canada to send a representative of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to make legal investigations on the issues discussed in this address of the Quebec people.




Otherwise WE, the People Quebecois invoke our legitimate right to civil disobedience




and God be with you!




Thank you for read and heard!




Your topics of Quebec and all Citizens of the World, the Commonwealt Nations, the Republic of India, the Republic of South Africa and all the colonies which England has inherited and which you assume governance!


The proofs are there,on this link: libé

A people unite and awake!

The article:

Rewrite the truth of our excessive left wing "caviard" ,in Quebec

By Michel Duchaine (August 12,2012)

There are only three years, the firm Sotheby's Canada with a mandate to sell the Closerie, very luxurious residence of Pauline Marois and Claude Blanchet, the Île-Bizard, had published several unpublished photographs of the place.


Obviously, with Pauline Marois said that a woman close to the people (!), One can see, first hand, she has NO IDEA of what the average Quebecer REAL LIFE.


His immense residence is reminiscent of a fairytale castle is so opulent.


When thinking about the source of wealth as well as that of Pauline Marois Claude Blanchet, one can say that as Quebec taxpayers, there are a few, quite a lot of us in there.


Here are some pictures of the house of Pauline ... hoping not to offend too sensitive ears of those who say falsely "unify the sovereigntist vote!"




La Closerie




Also called  "Le Château de Moulinsart"  because of its resemblance to the castle can be seen in the comic strip Tintin and the Castafiore (also shaped like Pauline Marois), the house built in 1994 is on sale at a price of $ 8M but if there is bid, the final price could be much higher.




And there, I booked the icing on the proverbial sundœ for last.


The site of Sotheby's, which is offered in both French and English, the house of the head of the Parti Quebecois, ardent defender of Bill 101 and Quebec nationalism, the description of places were available in English ... ! ... for months!


It should be noted that some time after the publication of this case, a French version was made available.


Seriously, it's crazy that is said to be the great defender of the French language does not put his house up for sale in English - to hell with the French language when it comes to putting a few million dollars in $ pockets !


Here is the exact wording of textede sale at the time, in English ...


This Remarkable property offers a reassuring presence icts with elegant and classic outline and Its well proportioned volumes reminiscent of the typical architecture of Western France. The property features Three distinctive parts: a long and narrower building on Three Levels, and Two wings, one on Either hand side of the body.


Beyond the porch, entry hall with a VAST library opens year adjacent to the main family room boasting very high ceilings. The living room, the dining room and kitchen all the great access to Give Two large terraces Where one Cdn enjoy meals or admire the sun, the Very Large private garden and Its riverbanks. On the first floor, a mezzanine and leads to the bedrooms to the master bedroom suite.


The Closerie is in close harmony with environment icts. Everyday life revolves around the rhythm of seasons. In the winter, the great room with French doors 24 Will Be the gathering spot while in the summer, the wide terraces, the Areas around the pool and by the Water Will Become the main gathering spots. Each of the 97 doors | windows, Positioned with Accuracy, landscape frames a piece of gold catches a moment in time.


Classicism, simple lines, generous spaces, a live relationship with ict environment, and privacy: Many have qualities and signs of the emergence of a current and original architecture of the Closerie Which is one of the MOST vivid examples.




Interior Features


Basement, Butler's Pantry, Den, Eat-In Kitchen, Games Room, Gourmet Kitchen, Gym, Laundry Room, Library, Media Room, Nanny Suite, Playroom, Wine Cellar


Not one word of French, friends ... but the name of the house "La Closerie"!


For those who do not speak English, is described as a kind of earthly paradise where everything is luxury and where life is good. Ow!


While she was in this castle, Pauline was trying to impersonate "a person like the others" when she was campaigning in Charlevoix where she had to eject, with varying degrees of skill, the former deputy Rosary Bertrand.


Well, we revert to "a person like any other" - Pauline embodies all that is decadent in the left-caviar and while she was more a display of his wealth because it wanted to sell this house, before , she forbade access through heavy metal barriers, as what she did not want his "voters" see what kind of "wealth level" she lived.


Pauline would never have been elected if the Charlevoix locals had seen these pictures.


Do you remember when VAT invited to visit his "small" cottage atop a beautiful mountain? She told the reporter that she liked to live "simply" - what a big joke!


Good for Pauline Marois and Claude Blanchet if they have found a way to afford so much luxury but now, if anyone still believes the head of the PQ when he understood the reality of Quebec families, you know now that she lies to the fullest or she has an unconventional imagination.


Finally, good luck to the champions of the left-caviar-operation in their seduction to sell their salad election. Sincerely, good luck!

No comment!






Union citizen to a Franco-Indian social project in Quebec!


This translation occurs just before the election in Quebec and also in great demand on the part of my many English friends across the UK Commonwealt and so my American friends and First Nations Native American, everywhere!

Fun and friendship with Michael and Defenders of the Earth!











The division currently observed on the Quebec political scene, can only encourage the emergence of tyranny, associated with organized crime, with back stage, the occult dealings of various secret societies, various multinational thirsty for profits drawn from the famous North Liberal Plan and settle political scores to predict!




All this will keep people away from Quebec, on the service road, while the mandarins of the current corrupt regime will continue to benefit from the largesse of the system to break down!




As far as we can go back in time, we find such fraudulent practices in association with the Federalist power, currently in place in Canada!




This proposal is therefore fundamental to protecting our culture, our values, our heritage and legacy that we bequeath to our descendants!




So this proposal will be named




                              Union citizen to a Franco-Indian social project in Quebec!









General proposition




Following what we have all observed during and since the election of May 2, 2011, the Quebec people are "fed up" of all this corruption as a system policy that is jeopardizing not only our collective future, but that of all our descendants by denying our common values and our true historical legacy!




No political party has so far offered a real plan that would bring together the Quebec Social ... all ... stakeholders entering the "real composition of Québec society!" This is related to the fact that our current political parties in Quebec are not deemed "electorally profitable financially ... and probably also (because we still live in a overwhelming capitalist system) to propose a project that would include social québécois not only the Quebec strain, but also First Nations and défénierait correctly and clearly the situation of immigrants in this social project!




In order to identify all the problems, I decided to pick up or left, the great chief Pontiac project, after the French defeat the British troops, to create a "Franco-Indian State" on remnants of New France!




I think it is one of the greatest enlightened minds of that historical period, in New France!




I think it would be impossible to create a viable country, in Quebec, leaving aside the First Nations who are "under humanized" by the current federal government of Canada, I think we can do better and we must get out of the "reserves" or they were confined after their having stolen their "Ancestral Land"!


These are the first occupants of the Land and Native Americans also believed that "Men apparatenaient to Earth" and not vice versa! This explains the ease with which the kings of Europe were dispossessed by the soldiers and missionaries interposed!











Historical background




Grand Chief Pontiac:


Pontiac (1714 - 20 April 1769), or its original name Obwandiyag, was a leader of the Ottawa tribe of Native Americans in Detroit. He succeeded in mobilizing all the tribes of the Great Lakes region against the British after the victory of the latter over the French. The Ottawas had always been allies and trading partners of the French and they felt cruelly the departure of the latter. The British, now only fur buyers, these former enemies dealt arrogantly imposing unfavorable trade rules.


He created a coalition of native tribes (the Outawouais the Miamies, Wyandot, Chippewa, Potawatomi and the Shawnees, the Foxes, the Winnebagoes and other Algonquian tribes) to stop the westward expansion of Americans, despite the ban. In this difficult situation, added to concern about the future of their land. They feared that soon swarms of British settlers invaded their ancestral territories.


The Ottawa rose finally to bring the French and restore some balance of power in this vast territory. At first the revolt was meteoric, and Pontiac's forces seized and destroyed all the positions of the Great Lakes except Niagara and Detroit.


The British military forces mobilized and used every means to extinguish this revolt, sometimes using foul means, including contributing to spread smallpox among these peoples. Finally, seeing that by the Treaty of Paris of 1763 France renounced return, the warriors of Pontiac dispersed and the revolt died out slowly.


This revolt forced King George III to the Royal Proclamation of 1763, which affirmed the unlimited rights of Indians in the lands they occupied and prohibited any new colony establishment beyond the Appalachians. Thereby led to discontent among American merchants and speculators!


Pontiac was assassinated in 1769 by Indian illinois in the pay of American merchants. A young warrior named peoria Pihi or Black Dog, who accompanied him, did not agree with the message of peace given by Pontiac. As they left the trading post, knocked Pihi Pontiac. The great chief fell Pihi and stabbed him.


Pontiac was buried with military honors due his rank on the banks of the Mississippi by the French garrison Forts Vincennes and Chartres, led by Captain Louis St. Ange de Bellerive.


The killing of Pontiac is the beginning of a legend. Although his rebellion has proven to be a failure, his example will inspire many of his successors in their resistance to the domination of Europeans.


His name was given to the city of Pontiac, Michigan, to any municipality incorporated in 1975 in the MRC-Collines-de-Outaouaisainsi as a regional county municipality in the Outaouais region, Quebec and also a brand of luxury car, Pontiac, owned by U.S. company General Motors.








The Black Hawk War and the project of a Franco-Indian nation




The Black Hawk War was a war launched in 1763 by Native Americans outaouais hurt by unfavorable trade rules imposed on them by British fur buyers only after defeating the French during the Seven Years laguerre (1756-1763). The warriors of many tribes joined the Indian uprising whose aim was to drive back the forces and the British colonies outside their territory. The war is named after the chief outaouaisPontiac, leading the most prominent indigenous leaders during the conflict and disciple of the prophet Neolin Amerindian.


The war began in May 1763 when the American Indians, particularly concerned about policy decisions imposed by British General Jeffrey Amherst, attacked a number of British forts and settlements. Eight forts were destroyed, hundreds of settlers were killed or captured and many fled the area. Hostilities ended after the military expeditions of the British Army in 1764 led to peace negotiations during the next two years. The Indians were unable to repel and defeat the English, but the uprising prompted the British government to review its policy, a source of conflict.


War to North American frontier, during which took place among many atrocities, massacres of civilians and prisoners, was particularly brutal. Among the acts now best known of the conflict, we know that the British commanders at Fort Pitt attempted to spread the small vérolechez Indians with blankets infected with the disease. The cruelty of the struggle was only a sign of growing racism among the British colonists and American Indians. The British government sought thereafter to prevent racist violence between the two peoples by voting the Royal Proclamation of 1763, to approve a boundary between colonists and Indians.


 Related event:


Unrest in the Ohio Valley sparked a movement of fear in western Pennsylvania which resulted in the formation of vigilante group known as the Paxton Boys who massacred 20 Indians to Christianity and peace.








Proposal 1 - To promote and present a draft Constitution a citizen of the state of Quebec




Many Quebecois and Quebec working on this important idea! It would not be a first in Canada, because British Columbia has its own constitution, for several years!


I believe that Quebecers have the same rights as any people of the "British Empire" (the Commonwealt now)! ... Because as said so well, Gandhi: "... we are all citizens of Empire, God's children, all of us! "


In the '40s, very few people said they were nationalists! This word was scary, at a time when we made war on Germany "National" Socialist!


Also, our "fuhrer" Quebec at the time, Adrien Arcand, he had been jailed and accused of spying for the German Nazis! I'll just point out that, he was one, a social project but you would have all rejected, particularly the Quebec Jewish Community buildings!


The National Union was very closely monitored!


In the '50s, virtually everyone in Quebec, a federalist! Everyone, or nearly thought in terms of a large Canadian ensemble! Maurice Duplessis was all powerful at the top of Quebec politics, supported by the Catholic church and capitalism privé.C is the time you sell or iron in the North Coast a few cents per ton! This is the time of the "Witch hunt" against the Communists and the great asbestos strike!


It was also at that time, what happens Michel Chartrand and early career of one Brian Mulroney!


Viennnent the '60s, with the NIR and the Parti Québécois or only the idea of Quebec independence served as a social project for a whole people! It was not even the idea that much of a fight for distribution wealth and a healthy environment was also important and fundamental!




There is unfortunately never had a draft constitution of the state of Quebec, during the recent history of Quebec, despite many years of power of the Parti Quebecois! Not since the Revolt of the Patriots (1837-1838) to see one!




Presumably, a yes winner at the "famous stolen referendum of 1995," would have resulted in such a project from a Jacques Parizeau triumphant! Now it is facing an "if"!




Also, this element is the fundamental driver for it to really kick off a project "of political sovereignty, Quebec and must at all costs, remove it from the hands of Quebec political parties, and give responsibility , the people, the citizens of Quebec.




A committee of independent political parties and the national assembly would be mandated by the National Assembly with a mandate to write a draft constitution and submit:




                A) This committee should include a sufficient number of representatives to include all types of citizens of our société.Chaque political party may be represented by a representative!


                  So: we speak of workers, women workers, Quebec companies, people from the world of artists, media, etc..




                   B) Each Indian nation in the territory of Quebec, should have a representative elected by their respective councils.




                    C) immigrants and linguistic minorities and / or others would have a number of representatives to be defined in order to assert their claims!




This would be a fundamental requirement ... and the first! Define the national territory, the territories of First Nations and human rights for all, are part of the first stage, to release the current Quebec, oppression He lives!








Proposal 2-Immediately create a commission of inquiry into corruption and collusion policy






This inquiry should be mandated to establish all the facts and can make a list of actors and means to remedy the situation.




I recommend the formation of a national tribunal to try these crimes committed against the people of Quebec!


Also, some crimes are probably not part of our code of laws, legal practitioners appointed in charge of the National Court, should they include other names and definitions of crimes and sentences to enforce.




Thus, we should include notions of crimes against the nation, of high treason against the people and the state, damage to national security, psychological violence against society, lies and falsification of truth, etc. .. . to develop!




Must be equal justice for all citizens of Quebec! Regardless of their origin!




Other notions of sentences could include penalties of banishment from the state ... to life!


Of course, primarily in the foreground: a law to impeach the head of state and elected officials as to the stewardship of the state and appointed! We must read the law California, on it!




Anyway, a grip of state power by the citizens, should normally be accompanied by a large brush stroke in the current rapacious government officials, most corrupt sitting in Quebec City ! Their replacement should be the object of a vast concourse in the public, or they give these positions for a limited period of time!








Proposal 3-The distribution of collective wealth and private property




How will we manage our collective wealth!




I suggest that the state submit a Loppin of land to every citizen who was born or was born here (which does not have one, for example) and / or finishes probation as an immigrant reçu.Ceçi to allow all members to qualify for a property!


A woman or a man who chooses to stay home to raise and educate a child or children, should have a guaranteed minimum income acceptable and indexing, as guardian responsible.




The state would own the right of making money! We collectively pay our national debt, according to a predetermined plan! We will have our Quebec currency!


Thus, there would be no rogues sitting on an obscure "Federal Reserve Bank" of Quebec!




We would eliminate the competition between us, favoriserions the collective projects and would learn to live within our means! This would allow us to take real ownership, and our destiny to learn more particularly to manage the economic downturn, when the world will be increasingly faced with a major collective disaster!




We would learn to live together as a couple in love: with its strengths, its weaknesses, its great moments, small moments, moments of great joy as those, less beautiful, thing of evil!




The challenges will be substantial, because we must learn to look at the wonderful nature of Quebec, not as a source of profit for the bankers, multinational corporations and funders policies, but as a great reserve of life that represent the most great treasures and the most beautiful gifts to bequeath to future generations!










Proposal 4-Abolish reserves and create national territories for each Indian nation following its ancestral territory




The abolition of "Indian reserves" and the creation of national territories rétablieront trust, mutual respect and a new sense of collaboration.




The establishment or development of democratic rights would abolish priviligèges shameless and effective fight against organized crime, widespread in actuelkles reservations!




Act as partners rather than opponents would be an important step in the unification of our country again!








Proposal 5-election dates fixed with proportional




The proliferation of political parties and new ideas penalizes our democratic process and encourages the emergence of a minority party, in power!




It is imperative to promote the development of governments that would work with several parties and with respect for diverse political views!




Also, the Indian nations would be required to provide deputies or representatives to participate in the stewardship of our country!








Proposal 6-Recovery of the original territory and the incorporation of new territories or states




The fundamental priority here is to seek to recover our stolen territory of Labrador who was unjustly incorporated in Newfoundland, as a gift to be part of the Canadian Confederation, by a decree of London!




It is also possible that other territories or other U.S. states want to one day share our collective future!


So let us be sighted and facilitate their way, by describing the process to follow!




The "Original National Territory" could go to incorporate states to Louisiana today ... or the territory of the former colonial New France!




We must anticipate that the current political situation in the United States of America, is likely to change significantly and quickly! We will be ready to respond to serious requests, as long as our values, like our languages and our customs, our clean air and our rights are respected and recognized!












Proposal 7-The right of access to social services and health care




This right should be recognized for all citizens of Quebec and living in the territory! This right comes free with the birth in the territory!










Prop 8 - The ongoing fight against organized crime and occult powers




Sounds obvious when you see what is happening in our pharmacies of "pseudo-government" controlled in the anteroom behind the curtains!




Leaving do, neglecting the fight against organized crime, we put a rope around his neck!




It goes without saying, the new sentences for crimes of association and participation in organized crime by politicians or public men will be exemplary and with a maximum character "without appeal"!




Also, it will be important to contribute with other countries in the world, the fight against "terrorism"! Hence the importance of giving a fair definition of the word "terrorism", "terrorist" and "freedom fighter "following" our interprétention just words "!






Proposal 9-Fighting Poverty and homelessness




A government of the people by the people should make it his first and absolute priority! Poverty and the number of homeless, especially in Montreal, is on the rise!


Ignore this truth in the profits of policies favoring the rich, would be suicidal for any government whatsoever, in the future!








Proposal 10-UDI Quebec




A gesture to normal shortly after the Constitution Act of Quebec!




This should be done regardless of the ruling party because it would be the will of the citizens of Québec give powers to the National Assembly!




This is the National Assembly which is to service the citizens, not the opposite!








Proposition 11-The right to civil resistance against unjust laws




Of course! Who would want a totalitarian dictatorship in Quebec? ... Nobody!




We have seen enough with that of big business, organized crime and degradation of the masses orchestrated by the Liberals and misrepresentation of François Legault and his pseudo coalition for the uncertain future of Quebec!


This type of dictatorship and slavery organized, we do not want it at all! Total release!








Proposal 12-Referendum on the question: do you want Quebec to be a People's Republic or Constitutional Monarchy?






This will become a great debate! ... After, independence of Quebec!










Proposal 13-Proclamation of the secularism of the state of Quebec




Quebec is and must remain a secular state! If necessary, we will change the flag!




Finished the kirpan, the laws of retrograde Hamstead on holidays such as religion oun, finished the chador, gurpa, etc.!




All equal, so nothing can prevail!












Proposal 14-Abolition of nuclear energy and fossil  energy on the Quebec territory.




Abolish the privileges of oil and pollution, with us!
















This is a working text, unpretentious and is a beginning, a humble starting point for discussion to take over, democratically our future!




This text is an alternative to liberal and capitalist values defended by Francois Legault and the mirages of theCoalition Avenir Québec  (Coalition for the Future (uncertain) of Quebec)!




I invite all volunteers from all political parties and real leaders of Quebec at me and make suggestions to bring ideas to build a text proposals for the continued work of the Patriots and make the dream of the great Chief Pontiac, a reality!




Vive le Québec libre!


The Great chief Pontiac,the creater of this fantastic idea!


Tous droits réservés