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Earth in danger of death by ...ourselves (november 13,2011)

by Michel Duchaine


At a time when the world population passes the seven billion, experts fear that the gender imbalance favors the emergence ofunstable "country singles" is leading a fierce competition to find a wife.

 The exact consequences of what the French demographer Christophe Guilmoto calls "alarming masculinization" in countries like India or China, because of abortions, still uncertain.

But many experts believe that in fifty years, the shortage of women will have an impact on society similar to that of global warming, invisible but very real.

Behind these warnings, hide irrefutable statistics.

Nature provides figures invariable: he was born between 104 and 106 boys to 100 girls and any change of this proportion can only be explained by abnormal factors.

India and Vietnam, the figure is about 112 boys to 100 girls. In China, the proportion rises to almost 120 per 100, when it is not 130 boys to 100 girls in some areas.

And the trend is spreading: in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, the ratios at birth are in the range of over 115 boys to 100 girls.In Albania and Kosovo, we see the same phenomenon.

The global awareness dates back to 1990 when the Nobel Indian economist Amartya Sen, published an article under shock: "Over 100 million women are reported missing."

Demographers estimate that this figure has now exceeded 160 million as a result of the traditional preference for the son, the decline in fertility and, most importantly, inexpensive ultrasound to have an abortion if it is a girl illegally.

Although the ratio at birth returned to normal in India and China within the next ten years, Mr. Guilmoto estimated in both countries, the marriage would remain for decades to come a headache for men.

"Not only do these men will have to marry at an older age, but they may have to remain single in countries where almost everyone used to find a woman," he analyzes.

Some believe that this new environment could increase polyandry (a woman with multiple husbands) and sex tourism, while others anticipate disaster scenarios where sexual predation, violence and conflict would be the new social norms.

A few years ago, political scientists Valerie Hudson and Andrea den Boer even wrote that Asian countries mostly populated by men represented a threat to the West.

According to them, "the companies at the fort in sex ratio can not be governed by authoritarian regimes capable of suppressing the violence in their own country and to export it abroad through colonization or war."

Mara Hvistendahl, a reporter for Science magazine and author of a recent essay entitled "unnatural selection", argues that the risk of large-scale wars are unlikely, especially recalling that India is a democracy.

But she admits that "historically, societies where the number of men outnumber women are not livable," citing risks of instability and sometimes violence.

UN agencies have warned against a correlation between the scarcity of women and an increase in sex trafficking or migration of people to get married.

But few solutions have so far been advanced.

For Mr. Guilmoto, the priority now is to ensure that the matter be made public, not just in emerging markets.

"In Eastern Europe, people have absolutely no idea what is happening," he warns.


Part 2-The demographic shock on all forms of life


Already facing seven billion humans, Earth's resources will be subject to a pressure of growing stronger, even unbearable, when the population will reach nine billion by 2050 and only a revolution in the use of energy, water and earth will prevent the "catastrophe," according to the analysis of official science.

In 1798 already, the British economist Thomas Malthus predicted that the ability of humans to reproduce is beyond that of producing enough nourriture.Grâce to the progress of agriculture, the industrial revolution and development of fossil fuels, despite the doubling of the world population, these predictions do not come true ... yet!


But the question (doubt) continues and we begin to feel some effects (global warming, extreme temperature, unequal distribution of wealth, famine, etc.)!


On October 31, 2011, the population of humans on Earth will officially passed the seven billion people, two billion more in less than 25 ans.Sur six decades, the fertility rate has halved to 2.5 children per woman today with significant differences pays.La the world's population could (?) stabilize at 9, 10 or even 15 billion people (optimistic figures), based on studies conducted in developing countries experiencing rapid population growth!


Given the rapid growth of our species, the limited resources of our earth have been severely undermined, be it drinking water, rich soil and seas and forests.



Because despite repeated warnings from environmentalists and serious researchers around the world, we continue the exploitation of resources at an incredible pace, inhuman, by 2030, it will find a "second Earth" to satisfy the appetitesproducers and consumers capitalistes.Il should not either, forget the space required to have the "new and many waste associated with this consumption and the production!

Coal, oil and gas have contributed to our prosperity "very artificial and temporary", but also produce their share of greenhouse gas amending and mutilating poisoning our climate and ecosystems unrestrained nourish us!

"From the soaring food prices to the adverse effects of climate change, our economies are confronted with the realities of the years of spending beyond our means," said recently, Mathis Wackernagel, president of Global Footprint Network (footprintgreen).

"In 2030, with a billion people on Earth over the question will be how to ensure food security and provide essential services to the billion poor people without touching more land, more energy and more water , "according to Brice Lalonde, coordinator of the upcoming conference on sustainable development: Rio 20 (20 years after the Earth Summit in June 1992!



Meanwhile, we are accelerating the inexorable march of the sixth mass extinction


As of this writing, Amazon, presidents brésilliens in the pay of the Illuminati, which Lully, who has given the green light, just launched the great project of hydro-electric dam will allow Bello Monte.This fact  increase the brazillian overproduction  plants and put to death, the people said "primitive" Amazon! Once the latter lungs of the planet, permanently destroyed, the air filtration will be reduced by at least 30%, which probably will cause many more deaths worldwide.

Meanwhile, in northern Quebec, the government the most corrupt in the history of Quebec, looks for multinational capitalists, bankers and unscrupulous investors to come and exploit the northern Quebec and turn it into lunar landscape.


This project is called "Northern Plan"(le Plan Nord,in french) by the Premier of Quebec, held in place by the proponents of economic development infinite! The enemies of life "wild", the right of Animals living and freedom of people!


When these two major projects are completed, the Earth will be left to itself, we are committed towards the rapid destruction of our living space and a small group of "developers unscrupulous capitalist" laugh in their corners, calculating the enormous profits that come in their pockets!


When there are enough people died of disease or otherwise, and a scarcity of workers in Quebec will establish, they will import new and many "foreign slave labor" to continue operations.


They will easily find a way around the laws by inventing excuses!

Profit and power of money is sacred and important in bourgeois society of Quebec, it is likely that people who put the truth in plain view of death bearing down on us, will be defined as sacrilegious and possibly sentenced to death if not to prison, the only place acceptable to the political system dominated by organized crime and secret societies.

 Looking at the $ $ $ billions they will fly to the Aboriginal Community buildings and the citizens of Quebec, along quil transform the beautiful natural sites in Quebec lunar landscapes, foreshadowing the future of Earth's history, I help but think of the "big arms trade unions" in the Quebec construction salivating seeing increasing their "stamps" and the number of brown envelopes they receive under the negotiating table! Québec trade unionism trade unionism is the far right, the most backward, most infiltrated by organized crime in North America and that is untouched by the political parties, especially one who is in power in Quebec! It is unique in the world!


... I can not help but think of the millions of people who die prematurely from pollution and environmental injustice in the distribution of wealth of our planet!

... I can not help but think how irresponsible are the people who do not move from their seats to find that our world is dying ... the evening news!

... I can not help thinking how fragile is the balance of life and death of our world! ... How the distance between the "hot and cold" between "the movement and the inertia "and" light and darkness "narrows more quickly on this planet that I repeat, is in danger rapid and radical!

We are at the gates of 2012, and the advocates of capitalism tell us that everything is under control!

The do you think?



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More hurricanes and stronger. Hurricane Mitch in Latin America in 1998, a storm in France and in Europe in 1999, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 in the United States (pictured), or the cyclone in Burma in 2008, extreme weather events are increasing probably signs of the first consequences of global warming.

Extent of the rainforest on the South American continent! / Extensión de la selva tropical en el continente de América del Sur! /

The oil sands Arthabasca. The influence of Total (controlled by the Illuminati Desmarais, Frère and now to 40% by a Thai company) is growing at a rate of pollution of groundwater. / Las arenas petrolíferas Arthabasca. La influencia del total (controlado por el Desmarais Illuminati, Frère y ahora a 40% por una empresa tailandesa) está creciendo a una tasa de contaminación de las aguas subterráneas. /

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